Scientific Activities

Invitation of the prof Qusay Mahmoud from Guelph University, Canada during the period May 10-14, 2010. The following are the main activities:

  • Public conference: Mobile Devices in Computing Education.Abstract:  Mobile devices such as the BlackBerry smartphone are becoming widely used by students on university campuses worldwide. Such devices could be used to enhance the students learning experience. In this talk, Dr. Mahmoud presents an overview of the state of the art in mobile devices in computing education, and shares his experience in integrating mobile devices in his courses. The talk will cover the opportunities and challenges that need to be dealt with, and offer practical experience for those interested in integrating mobile devices into their courses. He will also present the CMER Academic Kit developed to facilitate the integration of mobile devices into CS, IT, and Engineering curricula for universities worldwide. The CMER Academic Kit takes a mobile approach to teaching computing courses with a focus on Java ME and BlackBerry application development. It includes 32 weeks of teaching material such as lesson slides, hands-on labs, tutorials, quizzes, and assignments. The talk will also feature demonstrations of sample students’ work.The intended audience of this talk includes anyone who is interested in teaching or learning about mobile application development and how mobile devices can be integrated into the computing curriculum. Key takeaways for attendees include: (1) understand more about the role of mobile devices in computing education; (2) learn how to get started and what resources are available for classes; and (3) hear how this kind of learning improves experience for students.An interview with the presenter about "Teaching Mobile Computing to Generation C" is available at:

  • Workshop for students: Developing Applications for Smart phones.abstract: Mobile application development is challenging because applications are developed on one platform (like MS Windows) and deployed on a totally different platform like a cell phone or a BlackBerry smartphone. This workshop will help participants understand the different technologies that can be used to develop applications for mobile devices, with a particular focus on using the Java platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) and the BlakBerry smartphone. This workshop will be of particular interest to students interested in learning how to develop mobile applications, faculty interested in integrating mobile devices into their programming courses, developers at telecom companies, and government agencies interested in evaluating the value of mobile applications. Topics to be covered include:

* Introduction
* Motivation (mobile devices out ship PCs 20 to 1)
* Mobile platforms
* Designing mobile applications
* Securing mobile applications
* Testing and deploying mobile applications
* Marketing mobile applications for profit

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