Arabic is the religious language of all Muslims over the world (more than one billion), regardless of their native language. It is the official language in all Arab countries and the 6th most widely used language in term of first language speakers. As the language of the Noble Quran, the Arabic is preserved and is one of the richest languages of the world and most stable over time.

However, the information revolution taking place in the world, which made from computers the heart of the daily interactions, generated an impressive need for processing tools that can be used for automatic analysis and understanding of Arabic. This includes both sides of Arabic language, spoken and written. The emphasis in the first part is on speech and thus the analysis and generation of sounds (speech recognition and synthesis). Second part deals with text and its levels of analysis, namely, morphological analysis, grammar analysis, semantic analysis, etc.

Our focus in this research group is on Arabic Language Processing, particularly its applications in education and Islamic sciences computing.


Group Name:

Arabic & Islamic Computing (ARISCOM)


Group Leader:

Dr. Yahya Elhadj



  1. To promote scientific research in the field of Arabic Language Processing.

  2. To propose advanced strategies and methodologies for Islamic Sciences Computing.

  3. To support self-education through design and development of high-efficiency learning systems

  4. To create partnerships with leading scientific groups in the domain, either national or international.

  5. To contribute to the activation of scientific research in Saudi Arabia by providing a professional environment for hosting, preparing and training students to develop high-quality research in Arabic & Islamic Computing.


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